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Leadership Longevity Fellowship

New Sector Alliance’s Leadership Longevity Fellowship is designed for mission-driven leaders focused on addressing the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

What is the Leadership Longevity Fellowship?

The Leadership Longevity Fellowship (LLF) is bringing together mission-driven professionals for an innovative new leadership development program focused on career and life design, health and wellness, and creating a supportive community of peers.

This program uses a lens of longevity because we know that in order for you to do work that changes the world, you need support that helps you build lifelong skills and sustain your energy in order to continue impacting the communities you serve.


2023-2024 National Cohort

To learn more about this specific cohort, click below. 

2023 Greater Boston Cohort

To learn more about this specific cohort, click below. 


Anthony Curtis,
LLF Fellow 2022-23

“LLF is for you if you are seeking the opportunity to grow and connect as a non-profit leader with other passionate and driven individuals while learning and challenging yourself about the true meaning of practicing wellness. LLF allows you to think deeper about your leadership, wholeness, and purpose in ways you can't imagine.”


Anna Treesara,
LLF Fellow 2022-23

“LLF is for you if you’re seeking community, inspiration, and folks to both support and challenge you in your professional and personal growth!”


Candice L. Dixon,
LLF Fellow 2022-23

“LLF is for you if you're seeking an opportunity to evaluate your personal wellness practices and connect with a team committed to providing the resources, tools, and activities that can help you become a more productive and effective nonprofit leader. What I loved most about this experience is the safe space that the LLF team created and their intentionality in curating an inclusive environment with activities that were restorative and centered wellness.”


Saira Zaidi,
LLF Fellow 2022-23

“LLF is an incredible place to reflect on your own wellness and leadership as a part of a diverse community of mission-driven leaders. What I loved most about the experience is the trust we had for each other leading to open, vulnerable discussions.”

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