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Designing Your Success

What is Designing Your Success?

The New Sector Designing Your Success (DYS) program prepares mission-driven organizations to integrate innovation and design strategies into their programming. Participants take part in an intensive four-day certification program that helps them think about how to shift their organizations’ programming to better prepare beneficiaries for the future of work. For individuals who want to find more purpose in their work and make a difference with their careers, Designing Your Success is a transformative program that will help you grow personally and professionally.

Watch this video about the impact of DYS from our partner, Goodwill!

Join Designing Your Success

DYS empowers all participating individuals and organizations with the agency to thrive in the future, while offering organizations the opportunity to bring cutting-edge design-thinking strategies and growth mindset outcomes to the populations they serve.

Want to acquire creative and transferable skills to grow your network, expand your leadership development and increase the confidence needed to make a difference and find more purpose in your work? Apply now!


“I used to think that stretching was more uncomfortable than anything else, and now I know that stretching is growth."

– Designing Your Success Participant, 2019

“One of the biggest values of DYS is helping people reframe how they look at their careers and reframe their stories. There are some really valuable tools within the curriculum to empower you to go forward in a clearer way, a more impactful way, but also in a way that gets you closer to what you really want."

– Designing Your Success Participant, 2019

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