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Designing Your Success

Designing Your Success was launched in 2019 as an intensive, research-based professional development program that helps mission-driven organizations build growth mindset and improve career resilience within their teams and communities. The program was developed in collaboration with a cross-disciplinary team of researchers and educators from Stanford’s, Graduate School of Business, and Graduate School of Education, in partnership with Stanford Life Design Lab Co-Founder and Co-Author of New York Times bestseller Designing Your Life, Dave Evans.

What is Designing Your Success?

Designing Your Success is a ten-module series delivered by New Sector's certified facilitators. The program can be offered in person and virtually through intensive multi-day workshops or over several months via one to two hour sessions.

Side-by-side with their colleagues, participants learn how to develop a roadmap for their personal and professional success; build confidence to navigate ambiguity and "get unstuck;" reframe fear, failure, and risk taking; and develop and test real life plans within a nurturing and highly collaborative learning environment. 

For organizations ready to take the next step and bring this curriculum in-house, New Sector offers a train-the-trainer certification that allows workforce educators to deliver the program independently within their organizations. 

To learn how Designing Your Success can help your organization, please contact us.


“This experience has been transformative thanks to the curriculum, the engaging activities, and New Sector Alliance facilitators."

"Designing Your Success helped me clarify what kind of change I can create in myself, my organization, and my community."

“One of the biggest values of Designing Your Success is helping people reframe how they look at their careers and reframe their stories. There are some really valuable tools within the curriculum to empower you to go forward in a clearer way, a more impactful way, and in a way that gets you closer to what you really want."

“I learned it's all about the mindset that you set for yourself that will determine your future."

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