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Anthony Curtis


Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Anthony Curtis is a former educator and current non-profit leader who believes in the power of
living in your greatness, the importance of social good, and the power of solidarity. In his current
role as the Senior Manager of Volunteer Programs Manager and Organizational Culture at the
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), he organizes, facilitates, and leads volunteer
programs across the globe with corporate and local community members to empower students
to ignite their entrepreneurial mindset.  In this role, Anthony has created and leads NFTE’s Own
It Series: a virtual leadership volunteer opportunity designed to celebrate and share the stories
and journeys of NFTE’s diverse and growing community of entrepreneurs, business leaders,
and professionals. In addition, Anthony leads NFTE’s organizational-wide initiatives devoted to
equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging-helping NFTE strive to be inclusive and equitable
internally and externally.
Anthony also serves as a coach affiliate at Developing Capacity Coaching, LLC; individuals and
teams on how to use conscious leadership as a tool for healing and advancing justice for a
more equitable world. Anthony currently serves on the national board for the non-profit:
GiveSanfoka. Anthony dreams of hosting his own television show or podcast focused on
wellness and men of color.

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