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Leadership Longevity Fellowship: National Cohort

New Sector Alliance’s Leadership Longevity Fellowship is designed for mission-driven leaders focused on addressing the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

What is the Leadership Longevity Fellowship?

The Leadership Longevity Fellowship (LLF) is bringing together mission-driven professionals across the United States for an innovative new leadership development program focused on career and life design, health and wellness, and creating a supportive community of peers.

This program uses a lens of longevity because we know that in order for you to do work that changes the world, you need support that helps you build lifelong skills and sustain your energy in order to continue impacting the communities you serve.

What is Included in the Leadership Longevity Fellowship?

  • Two in-person retreats, all expenses covered 

  • Virtual training sessions focused on developing frontline skills such as trauma-informed care for self and others, leading with empathy while maintaining boundaries, and intersectionality with equity and cultural competence 

  • One-on-one and group coaching from a health and wellness specialist 

  • A supportive community of peers, providing a safe place to discuss current workplace issues and promote relationship-building with fellow nonprofit leaders

  • Extend the Learning by Paying it Forward, which will consist of presentations of learnings back to fellows’ own communities 

  • Networking conversations with New Sector’s diverse network of nonprofit professionals to provide opportunities for collaboration, connection, mentorship, and building social capital

Key Program Dates for the 2023-2024 Cohort

  • October 10-13, 2023: In-person retreat and kickoff at Saguaro Lake Ranch in Mesa, Arizona

  • Bi-weekly from September 2023-May 2024: Virtual workshops and gatherings

  • Early August 2024: In-person alumni retreat, location TBD

Retreat photo.JPG

Saguaro Lake Ranch

Mesa, Arizona​

Who is Eligible for the Fellowship?

​The Leadership Longevity Fellowship will support leaders who:

  • Are currently employed full-time by a mission-driven organization* that:

    • serves vulnerable or historically marginalized communities through direct services or movement building/advocacy work, or

    • addresses challenges related to environmental sustainability and/or climate change

  • Are currently mid-career and work in close proximity to the individuals, communities, and issues that their organization serves

  • Have a total of a least five years of combined experience in mission-driven employment with their current organization or a previous mission-driven organization

  • Are at least 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED

  • Are employed and residing in the United States

* A mission-driven organization can be either a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or a for-profit organization formed for a social or environmental purpose whose primary mission is to address a social or environmental issue over and above the accrual of profit for the organization. Unfortunately, at this time, employees of government entities/agencies, including Federal, state, and local governments and government agencies, are not eligible for the Leadership Longevity Fellowship.


If you have read the above materials and still have questions, email Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

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