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Anna Treesara


Leanlab Education

Anna Treesara was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where she currently lives with her husband and sassy Shiba Inu. Anna has previously taught abroad in Thailand as well as in Chicago as a high school English teacher. After 4 years of teaching, she wanted to explore how to positively impact education beyond the classroom walls. This led her to work in the nonprofit space focusing on workforce/youth development and then in education technology helping train teachers, schools, and districts in implementing edtech. Today, Anna works as a Customer Experience Manager at a nonprofit called Leanlab Education, which sits at the intersection of edtech research and schools, helping them find solutions to the issues they're facing every day. On the side, Anna also runs her own tutoring company and career coaches teachers to help them transition out of the classroom. Anna is excited to be a part of the pilot cohort of LLF to further her professional and personal development as well as connect with others who are also trying to create meaningful change in the world.

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