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Rochelle Dais



Rochelle serves as the Managing Director for STRIVE NYC’s Career Pathway Program. This is
her 14th year in Workforce Development assisting individuals below the poverty level in
identifying career paths to sustainable wages and economic mobility. In her current role,
Rochelle is committed and determined to provide qualified services and support for individuals
with the most difficult barriers to employment and provide equitable opportunities for long-term
career success. Her true motivation is to see growth in students, alumni, and staff.
For 20+ years, Rochelle served in multiple leadership positions in for-profit and nonprofit
organizations. Before working for STRIVE, Rochelle served in multiple roles for Grant
Associates, and Fortune 500 employers, including Xerox and Kforce. Rochelle stated, "Each and
every role I’ve had previously, prepared me for STRIVE and fulling the mission of the company
and making a difference in the lives of everyone she touches”.
 She also states, the most
memorable award she received in her career, was the December 2021 Unsung Hero award. This
award truly embodies her commitment to remaining humble, leading with excellence, and
ensuring everyone achieves the goals and outcomes set before them.

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