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Meghan Mayville


Doc Wayne Youth Services

Meghan is currently a Program Manager at Doc Wayne Youth Services, where she serves as the Therapeutic Recess Manager. This program serves Boston Public Schools and facilitates play and interactions that reinforce social-emotional skills for K-8 students at Recess. Under Meghan’s management, she oversees programming at 8 Boston Public Schools, supervises over 15 employees, and continuously drives to create an effective curriculum to improve the trauma-informed lenses while play at Recess is happening. Before working at Doc Wayne, Meghan coached soccer at both the Collegiate and Club levels, where her passion for sport and mental health for Youth blossomed. Whilst she enjoys the intensely competitive nature of sports, the desire to nurture the mental side of life proves to win this battle time and time again. At Doc Wayne, Meghan can combine both to create safe, welcoming, and joyful spaces for youth to grow in. When Meghan is not working, she enjoys the beauty of the outdoors. You can usually find her on a mountain, camping, kayaking, or sitting anywhere in the sun. She is a native of Savannah, GA, but has lived in almost every state on the east coast. So long as a body of water is nearby, she is happy!

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