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Kristin Livingstone


Education Foundation of Teton Valley

A passionate believer in every child, Kristin Livingstone has made it her life’s work to ensure students have access to the opportunities they need to achieve their highest potential. She has been in the classroom teaching preschool, traveled across the country teaching experiential programs for high school students, worked with the Florida Center for Reading Research at University, and taught public school in Colorado. Eventually, Kristin settled in Jackson, Wyoming, and served as the Associate Director of Teton Literacy Center where she worked to ensure all children and their parents had access to high-quality literacy support. Her family made the move to the small town of Victor, Idaho on the west side of the Tetons in 2021 where she took on the role of Executive Director at the Education Foundation to partner with the community in support of public education.

As with most residents of the Tetons, Kristin’s happy place is in the mountains. You can usually find her and her family exploring the woods and rivers on foot, bike, ski, or paddleboard. She loves following her toddler around and discovering the world through her eyes and sitting on her front porch with her partner watching the sunset.

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