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Jalina Suggs


Union Capital Boston

Jalina Suggs is the Director of Networks at Union Capital Boston, a nine-year-old nonprofit organization that incentivizes building social capital and participating in community and civic actions. As part of UCB’s Staff team, Jalina has worked nearly six years coordinating and implementing community gathering spaces, supporting residents of the Greater Boston area with UCB’s community engagement rewards program. She also oversees the organization's member communications and resource sharing. In 2022, Union Capital Boston implemented a Restorative Leave policy, a rarity in the nonprofit sector, in which each full time staff person who works five consecutive years earns a three month paid leave. After taking her Restorative Leave earlier this year, Jalina returned to her work at UCB energized to better establish organizational sustainability, advocate for employee wellness and improve her own practices of self-preservation. Before this role, Jalina received her Bachelor’s of Arts in communication and culture from Clark University. When not working, Jalina enjoys dancing, writing, forest bathing and being in community with her loved ones.

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