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Guy Lebanon


Guy joined New Sector's board of directors in 2018. In addition to serving as board president, Guy is an engineering director at Google, where he works on ensuring the security, privacy, trust, and safety of mobile apps on Android, the world's most popular operating system. Previously, he was a director at Amazon and a tenured professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Guy published several books and over 70 articles and received a Ph.D. in machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University. He chaired the 2015 AI & Statistics conference and the 2012 ACM CIKM conference and was editor of the Journal of Machine Learning Research from 2013-2018. He won first place in the PASCAL image segmentation competition three times. He received an NSF CAREER Award, the WWW best student paper award, the ICML best paper runner-up award, the Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Award, and is a Siebel Scholar. Outside work, Guy enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and two children, and his new motorcycling hobby.

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