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Aric Fulton


KIPP DC || KIPP Forward

Born in Chicago, IL, Aric became aware of injustices and inequities within his neighborhood's physical and social infrastructure at an early age. His early experiences in low-resourced, segregated schools have driven him to serve students and families, ensuring they have access to a world that is not limited by their circumstances but improved by their presence and contributions.


Aric's passion for urban education furthered while studying secondary education and African American Studies as a campus leader at Ball State University, a ninth-grade English teacher in Houston, TX, and a School Culture Coordinator in Providence, RI. Doing this work, he has become increasingly interested in understanding and challenging the ways in which government and school systems intensify existing inequities. Currently, he is the Manager of Post-Secondary Support with KIPP DC's KIPP Forward team, where he's responsible for managing a strategic initiative that provides targeted re-engagement and re-enrollment advising to various Alumni of KIPP DC impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Aric is a first-generation graduate earning his master's in Urban Education Policy from Brown University and a bachelor's degree from Ball State University. In 2020, he founded a scholarship fund to assist Black students at his former high school with access to higher education, awarding four scholarships.

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