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Aisha Herrera


Jean Charles Academy

Aisha is a dedicated Certified Mental Health Professional with over nine years of experience in the Human Service and Mental Health field. She has worked with individuals of all age groups throughout her career, gaining valuable insights and skills. Her diverse experience includes working in teenage group homes, Women-In-Transition shelters, YMCA afterschool programs, and as a parent aide for families seeking custody of their children. Additionally, she has assisted individuals with developmental disabilities, served as a PCA for the elderly, and advocated for young adult refugees, aiding them in pursuing a better life and education in America. While an intern at the Upward Bound Program at North Shore Community College, Aisha demonstrated her passion for education by creating and delivering workshops focused on self-care and self-awareness for teenagers. This year she received her associate's degree in liberal arts. Aisha's academic journey will continue as she plans to transfer to Salem State University to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition to her professional endeavors, Aisha deeply cherishes her role as a first-time mother to her delightful 2-year-old baby girl. Growing up and residing in Lynn her entire life, she has nurtured strong connections within her community, fueling her passion for positively impacting the lives of its youth. Currently, Aisha holds the Director of Student Services position, where she assumes a leadership role as the head of admissions and enrollment. She is dedicated to preserving the culture of JCA and upholding restorative justice practices in her interactions with students. Additionally, she manages the after-school program and collaborates closely with teachers and enrichment staff to organize various engaging activities. Aisha's life purpose centers around ensuring that the young individuals in her community receive the essential support, guidance, and encouragement they need to realize their full potential. Her unwavering commitment to education, teaching, and mentoring serves as the driving force behind her pursuit.

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