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What Is A New Sector Investor?

New Sector investors provide funding to bring our programming to new mission-driven partner organizations, provide scholarships for our Fellows to join one of our training programs, or improve and ensure the sustainability of our services.

Investors Make An Impact

With the help of investors, New Sector is able to scale our impact. Funding for New Sector’s work can be directed toward meaningful social impact in a variety of ways.

  • Identify a partner organization that you want to support with an infusion of design-thinking strategies and fund their involvement in a New Sector program.​

  • Fund a Fellow scholarship to take part in one of our training programs.

  • Give New Sector a grant to design and adapt our curriculum for new contexts, such as building out an online learning platform or taking our programs to a new city or country.

  • Provide operational support to New Sector to continue our important and impactful work.

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