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Marcia Mundt


Marcia joined New Sector in 2015 to serve as a subject-matter expert on program and curriculum design, training, and monitoring and evaluation. Marcia uses qualitative and quantitative research and science-based strategies to evaluate the impact of New Sector’s programs and alumni network. Since 2015, she has developed all of New Sector’s monitoring and evaluation systems and tools, including a “bleeding edge” set of indicators to measure sentiment and mindset shifts created in partnership with educators and innovators from Stanford and Stanford Graduate School of Education. 


Marcia’s professional background is in both domestic and international service with the public and social sectors building and piloting intervention models, designing and delivering training, and evaluating impact. Marcia holds a Ph.D. and MS in public policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston, a MA in peace studies from the University of Bradford, and a BA in communication studies, government, and foreign languages from New Mexico State University. She enjoys hiking, traveling abroad, and spending time with her family.

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