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Maju Qureshi


Multi-Service Center

Maju has been in the non-profit social services industry for the past 10 years. She is an engaging

and dynamic agent of change. Maju embodies servant leadership and fosters a high level of

collaboration amongst various stakeholders in her work.

Maju serves as an advisory board member on the South King Housing and Homelessness

Partners, which is dedicated to the preservation and creation of affordable housing. She serves as

a board member of the Refugee Artisans Initiative, which supports refugee and immigrant

women in achieving economic independence. She also serves as an advisor to the Black

Homeownership Legacy Fund, which was established to provide grants to support

homeownership activities to low and moderate-income Black households in the Seattle region.

In her current role as Economic Stability Director at the Multi-Service Center, Maju manages a

complex portfolio of projects that include emergency services, homelessness services, shelter,

permanent and supportive housing, immigrant and refugee welcoming activities, community

outreach, youth services, housing navigation and tenant services, and an employment program.

Maju is thrilled to be a Leadership Longevity Fellow and use the experience and lessons learned to be a compassionate, thoughtful leader for years to come.

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