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Donnell Williams


Sunshine Gospel Ministries

Donnell Williams is a proud native of the South Side of Chicago, where he currently serves as the Violence Intervention Specialist for Sunshine Gospel Ministries/ FCI, a community-based organization focusing on the 20th Aldermanic Ward of Chicago, and sits on the Former Incarcerated Persons and the Reinvestment Committee for Workers Center For Racial Justice.  

Donnell is a lifelong community advocate, Basketball coach, mentor, and Entrepreneur. He was previously known as the Director of Middle School Programs for Sunshine Gospel Ministries, where he gained his passion for serving others.  

Donell advocates assisting people with prior involvement in the justice system. He has committed to promoting health equity by educating his community of their rights and responsibilities , different resources provided to their neighborhoods and by bridging a gap between his community and law enforcement.

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