Our Training and Support

Our Training and Support

Members of New Sector programs receive individual and group training and support

  • Members participate in regular trainings through our Social Change Leadership Curriculum (topics noted below).  Trainings include a full-time Kickoff Training, Biweekly Afternoon Seminars, and approximately one full-day Workshop per month.
  • Each member is matched 1:1 with a Mentor, who supports Member’s successes at the Host Site and in the Member’s professional development throughout the program.  Mentors are professionals from the management consulting, nonprofit leadership, and business communities.
  • Members meet biweekly with their Learning Teams--small groups of New Sector Members with a staff facilitator.  Learning Teams provide a forum for supporting members’ career development and project impact.  These meetings occur outside of typical business hours.
  • New Sector staff provide coaching, support, and feedback to members throughout the program term.

Training Curriculum

The expertise of our largely-volunteer trainers makes our Social Change Leadership Curriculum unique and effective.  Trainers include leaders from management consulting, academia, business, government, and nonprofit sectors.  Topics include:

  • Nonprofit Landscape and Impact
    • Overview of Social Impact and Capacity Building
    • Mission, Impact and Theories of Change
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Governance of Nonprofits
    • Impact Investing
  • Business and Leadership Tools
    • Nonprofit Finance
    • Measuring and Managing Performance
    • Organizational Strategy
    • Fundraising Tools
    • Change Management
    • Marketing
  • Career Development
    • Effective Networking
    • Resume and Cover Letters
    • Action Planning
    • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication and Professional Effectiveness
    • Organizational Culture
    • Ethics in Social Impact
    • Managing your Message
  • Consulting Skills
    • Issue Based Problem Solving
    • Work Planning

For a detailed overview of the curriculum and training and support guiding our New Sector Residents in Social Enterprise 2013-2014 cohorts, click here. (PDF)

For a detailed overview of the curriculum and training and support guiding our New Sector 2013 Summer Fellows class, click here. (PDF)

To learn more or get involved, please contact Brian Garshelis for supporting the San Francisco Bay Area programs, or Zack Dagneau for Boston Area programs for opportunities outside of these two core city areas.

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